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ucenic anime
ucenic anime

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Data de inscriere : 07/02/2008

MesajSubiect: Primul sezon(inf.eng.-WIKIPEDIA)   Sam Mar 22, 2008 10:27 pm

First Kiss"
"Fāsuto Kisu" (ファーストキス October 08, 2005
Saya seems to be a fairly normal high school girl, except she has no memory of her life from a year ago and she must have regular blood transfusions. Later, she comes across a man playing a cello whose song triggers a vague memory. When Saya goes to the school that night to retrieve her forgotten shoes, the cello player approaches her holding a dagger. Saya flees and runs into a teacher, who is suddenly killed by a monster. Saya runs into the school, locking the door, but the monster easily breaks through. The cello player appears and fights off the monster before grabbing Saya and taking her to safety. There he tells her the monster is a Chiropteran. The man kisses Saya, forcing her to drink his blood, then tells her she must fight.

"Magic Words"
"Mahō no Kotoba" (魔法の言葉 October 15
Using a sword from the cello player, Saya coats it with her blood then strikes and kills the Chiroptera. Saya awakens from her trance then faints. The man carries Saya and Kai to safety as American soldiers flood the school. When Saya wakes up in the hospital, she has no memory of what happened. David tells George what happened at the school, and rebukes him for being so attached to Saya that he doesn't want to let "them" have her back. Saya starts having flash backs about the events at the school and goes down to find her father. Over hearing the conversation, she gets upset and runs away from the hospital. At the beach, she meets the cello player again. She asks who and what she is. The man says he will tell her, but before he can, Kai finds her and the man leaves after a brief tussle with Kai.

The Place Where it All Began"
"Hajimari no Basho" (はじまりの場所 October 22, 2005
David has given George a deadline to hand over Saya back to the Red Shield. George takes Saya to his family grave to show what happened to her one year ago. The cello player finally introduces himself as Haji.[3]

"Dangerous Boy"
"Abunai Shōnen" (あぶない少年 October 29, 2005
George is attacked by the second Chiropteran and is severely wounded. Kai goes off with his father's handgun to track down the monster hoping to kill it for revenge.

"Beyond the Dark Forest"
"Kurai Mori no Mukō e" (暗い森の向こうへ November 05, 2005
George has been transferred secretly to a hidden facility in Yanbaru (Nago), Northern Okinawa under the authority of the American Forces in Okinawa.

"My Father's Hands"
"Otōsan no Te" (お父さんの手 November 12, 2005
David, Saya and Haji infiltrate the Yanbaru Centre to rescue George. Meanwhile the Commander of US Forces on Okinawa has authorized surgical bombing of Yanbaru to remove any incriminating evidence.

"I Must Do It"
"Watashi ga Yaranakya" (私がやらなきゃ November 19, 2005
Saya and her brothers are still shocked by the death of their father.

Ep.8:"Phantom of the School"
"Fantomu Obu Za Sukūru" (ファントム・オブ・ザ・スクール November 26, 2005
Saya is given the assignment to infiltrate a Vietnamese boarding school.

"Rainbow for Each"
"Sorezore no Niji" (それぞれの虹 December 03, 2005
Left behind by David, Kai and Riku are searching for Saya in Hanoi.

"I Want to See You"
"Anata ni Aitai" (あなたに会いたい December 10, 2005
A strange masked man known as the Phantom shows an interest in Saya. She then believes he is a Chiroptera but is somehow different from the others.

"After the Dance"
"Dansu no Ato de" (ダンスのあとで December 17, 2005
David and Julia are making use of the opportunity provided by the annual Ball held in the boarding school to search for the mysterious container somehow connected to the events in Vietnam 30 years ago, while Saya dances with a charming stranger.

"Lured by the White Mist"
"Shiroi Kiri ni Sasowarete" (白い霧にさそわれて December 24, 2005
The Red Shield has tracked the container to a secret research farm inside the jungle in Vietnam.

"Jungle Paradise"
"Janguru Paradaisu" (ジャングル・パラダイス January 07, 2006
Under the mysterious influence of Diva, Saya starts to attack friends and foes just like 30 years ago

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ucenic anime
ucenic anime

Numarul mesajelor : 130
Varsta : 24
Localizare : Galati
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Data de inscriere : 04/05/2008

MesajSubiect: Re: Primul sezon(inf.eng.-WIKIPEDIA)   Mar Mai 06, 2008 2:57 pm

 M-am chinuit, umpic, si am inteles ce ai scris. Oricum, cunosc episoadele. Primul episod si ultimul mi se par cele mai tari. Mai mult ultimul episod, care a fost super tare, chiar daca e cat de cat destul de trist. Mai multe detalii nu dau, va las sa va uitati, pentru cei care inca nu l-au vazut.


''S-a oprit vreodata timpul, sa se gandeasca cat de lung a fost?''
Read the rules, please!!!
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Primul sezon(inf.eng.-WIKIPEDIA)
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